What does SusMer do?

We provide next generation polymers to the world’s largest medical/surgical device leaders.
About Us

Technology Summary

  • Commercializing Cleantech innovations developed at Colorado State University (CSU)
  • Secured global exclusive license from CSU
  • Develop, manufacture, sell, sub-license, and globally commercialize
  • Biobased, Biodegradable, Biocompatible, Fully Resorbable raw material

Our Focus

SusMer’s focus is to provide material samples to the world’s largest and best medical/surgical device companies as we continue to qualify and characterize this material.  Our goal is to obtain FDA approval and successfully commercialize this technology – helping medical device companies create various medical devices with our material providing customers better experiences.

Medical Devices

Medical devices are ever-changing, and so are their material inputs

Hernia Meshes

A hernia is the bulging of a tissue or an organ, pushing through a weakened section..


Surgical suture is a medical device used to hold body tissues together aftery.

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